About The Company



VISTINSKAYA carries out its oil production and treatment, in the Russian Federation, an supplies its customers both in the Russian Federation and to the international oil and gas sector. VISTINSKAYA is a main distributor and partner with petroleum companies in the Russian federation. The development strategy of VISTINSKAYA provides for stabilization and subsequent growth in production volumes. In order to successfully tackle these tasks, the company is actively and systematically expanding its resource base, both through new licenses and by conducting additional research on existing assets using modern methods and technologies.


On the balance of VISTINSKAYA has obtained 53 oil fields . In 2002, oil production enterprises VISTINSKAYA is estimated to reach 4 million. 314 thousand. 510 tons of oil, 53.9 thous. The increase in production is made possible thanks to the intensive implementation of modern geological and engineering operations and drilling. The facilities of the enterprise has carried out 914 geological and technical measures.

Labor protection and industrial safety

The principle “Safety begins with me” in VISTINSKAYA is fundamental. Transparency, a clear understanding of the existing problems and bottlenecks, personal responsibility are determined by key factors in ensuring production safety.

Environmental protection

VISTINSKAYA systematically increases the level of environmental safety of production, minimizing the man-made burden on the environment. This is facilitated by the modernization of equipment, constant environmental monitoring, as well as the introduction of advanced technologies at all stages of the production cycle - from exploration to the delivery of oil.


Our company is a major charity funder.

The tradition of taking care of its employees laid down in the company since inception. Today, VISTINSKAYA Collective Agreement stipulates all social benefits, including health care, spa treatment, financial assistance to veterans, workers at the birth of children, etc. Continues housing program aimed at improving the living standards of workers in the framework of which built two nine-storey buildings in Komi Republic and gated development.


  1. Strong market presence with vast resources and connections in the Asia-Pacific region, especially in China and Indonesia;
  2. Streamlined supply and demand, arranged directly with suppliers and end-users, and accomplished through efficient logistics;
  3. Dedicated operational support with prompt response;
  4. Strong financial support from leading international banks;
  5. Dedicated service delivered with professionalism and passion.